Lukas Kenneths, better known as ULSK12, is the leader of the Battle Division of Minecrafters United. He is a responsible leader who makes sure the duty is done and the other members return safely.

Pre-Multiverse Collision BioEdit


ULSK12 (2013)

ULSK12 was born in 1978 and lived a very normal life. However, he was witness to many bullying and crime incidents and wanted to stop conflict in the Minecraft Universe. When the Minecrafters United was founded, ULSK12 was one of the few people who began it. The "Battle Division" had not been created yet as there were only seven people in the group, so ULSK12 was the "battler".

Soon after, ULSK12 met V2, an abandoned child who was rescued and raised by Notch. Caring for him in battle like his own son, ULSK12 first felt the need to be a responsible leader, which thus further formed his personality.

Currently, ULSK12 commands and is responsible for V2, Snipeborg, and Dylan.

Arsenal Edit

Other than the standard Minecraft equipment, ULSK12's personal weapon is Ashley, a semi-sentient (later fully-sentient) pickaxe that can break through almost anything. He also dual-wields the two Obsidian Blasters, which can be used to fire obsidian bullets.

Currently, he is the main pilot of the Air Tank, which forms the torso of the Multiverse Full Power Robo. At one point in the past he used to own the "X Robo", composed of the Block Jet and Block Tank, but it was destroyed at some point before the Collision saga.

In the games Edit

ULSK12 is a mainly defensive character. Although he can be useful for a while, he is quickly overshadowed by Furno, who has superior defensive capabilities.

However, he is significantly buffed in MC5 through an EX upgrade, gaining enchanting abilities to provide elemental buffs and status effects. He is also able to use Summon to summon Ashley's humanoid form at the cost of a stat decrease. This is an advantageous trade-off as having two characters in battle allows multiple attacks or recoveries.

Specials Edit

  • Defense Boost (B): Raise defense.
  • Magma Crush (Ra, E): Smash the ground with your pickaxe to crack the ground, releasing magma and giving the opponent the Burn effect. Disabled once Ashley is summoned.
  • Super Arm (Ra): Throw a large block at the opponent.
  • Instant Health (Re): Use a potion to recover HP.
  • Absorption Break (P, Re): Strike with your pickaxe to steal HP. Disabled once Ashley is summoned.
  • Obsidian Trigger (Ra): Fire rapid shots from the Obsidian Blasters.
  • TNT Launcher (Te, Ra, S): Team attack with V2. Combine the Obsidian Blasters with the Obsidian Baton to create the TNT Cannon and launch an explosive to damage all opponents.
  • Diamond Ricochet (Te, Ti, Ra, E): Team up with an ally to launch a diamond block at the opponent over and over again. Can cause the Stun effect.
  • Ultimate Pierce (Ra, E, Re, B): Fire a diamond sword out of a bow. Steals HP, causes the Burn effect and increases Defense. Added in MC5.
  • Enchant (Re/B/E): Recover HP, buff allies or cause status effects. Added in MC5.
  • Summon (B): Lose 1/3 of your maximum stats, but summon Ashley. Added in MC5.
  • More Coming Soon

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