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NOTE: Multiverse Collision is a collaboration story! Please read the talk page for more details.

The Multiverse Collision was an event that occured on January 13th, 2013, in which Questisbak causes disorder in the entire Multiverse.

Chapter 1: ChaosEdit

The date is January 7, 2013. In the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, an evil brown penguin was working away at a bunch of inventions.

Questisbak: Ah! It is finished!

She pulled a lever, and with a blinding light, she had summoned at least a hundred creatures of all sizes...

Exactly 2.5248 hours later, an aqua-colored penguin and a light-blue colored penguin hurried to the scene where they had been called.

Star Kirby12: What's going on right now?!

Richperson: I don't know, but the Director gave us a pinpoint location.

Star: Just the pinpoint? Why just the- what the freak am I looking at.

The two were looking at literally around two hundred million Raptor Bots, purple flying raptor robots that were usually summoned by Questisbak. Star pulled out a communicator that looked like a Nintendo DS.

Star: G, send DaiBouken to my current location!

Gary the Gadget Guy, the famous inventor of Club Penguin Island, acknowledged.

G: Acknowledged! I am sending him right now.

In the universe of Styckworld, a stickman was lying around in the fields.

Human: Ah, what a peaceful day... the sun is shining... the sky is clear...

A giant horde of Raptor Bots began destroying the city nearby.

Human: A giant horde of robots destroying the city nearby...

Suddenly, Person Aldesen came and slapped him in the face.

Person: So we stop them, you idiot!

Human: Ah fine.

Add more Raptor Bot invasions!

DaiBouken, the giant mecha piloted by Star, began striking down the millions of Raptor Bots in the city.

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