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Mark Heil is a computer-applications teacher and the secret final boss of Multiverse Collision 10. He is game-exclusive and does not make an appearance in the movies.

Official descriptions Edit

Multiverse Database description Edit

Mr. Heil is the howzit CA teacher of Hawaii, but he actually comes from Southeastern Myanmar. If you ever disrespect him you get an X. If you like his tweets and social media and stuff you get a coupon. If you don’t get his questions right he yells “WRONG” at you, and every Friday his Howzits turn into Happy Howzits and he sings Aloha Friday.

Pause Menu description Edit

After beating all the bosses in the game, what's this? An obnoxious final boss approaches! Mark Heil's howzits and X's will make you annoyed- but be wary of the status effects he can cause!

Pause Menu description (Final Boss Rush) Edit

Mark Heil's back for more! This time, he's determined to give you an X... forever! No worries, though- we've gotten a lot more powerful, too! Instead of withstanding the status effects, try pushing him to the limit with the Recovered Items!

Battle Edit

Believe it or not, Mr. Heil is tough. He has a total of 696,969 HP, which is even more than the previous secret final boss. His various attacks will cause several status effects, which have to be quickly lifted so your entire party doesn't end up unable to battle. Two viable options are Angel Ophelia (remove all status effects at once) and Schaken (immune to status effects), although the latter may not last long enough in the Boss Rush without constant usage of Fluxion.

However, neither of them will give enough damage to actually break through Mr. Heil's high HP. For attack damage, you most definitely want to pack Star XL and use AkaNinger Chozetsu for advanced all-around stats instead of leaning too much on a certain aspect. If your goal is to just avoid the status effects, Keiasu is useful for becoming untargetable. For your defensive strategy, Harold EXXX or Kirby (using Elline) will tank up the damage or reduce the incoming damage for Kirby respectively. Babo can provoke Mr. Heil and direct all attacks and status effects at him, allowing a strong healer to continuously aid him while everyone else can focus on damage dealing.

Arguably the best character against Mr. Heil is ULSK12 EX, whose defensive capabilities, team buffs, and status effect removal (albeit one at a time) can quickly counter most attacks at a high enough level. For offensive attacks, Ashley can be summoned to do the fighting while ULSK12 defends and patches up the party.

Other useful characters include:

  • Captain J - Useful for rapid strikes, but may not last the Boss Rush
  • Fire-4 - Avoid attacks with aerial 2-turn moves, lasts longer than Fire-5
  • SpongeBob - High evasion can potentially dodge the status effects, although it's not always reliable and may not last the Boss Rush
  • EVE - High critical hit rate and strong attack power, may not last the Boss Rush and entirely susceptible to status effects
  • Fooly8 - Passive ability may actually break through Mr. Heil's immunity and cause a status effect on him, although it is unreliable and Fooly is rendered almost entirely useless in comparison to others if the ability does not activate

Abilities Edit

  • Howzit: Attacks all allies.
    • Happy Howzit: Attacks all allies with a 10% chance of paralyzing them.
  • Aloha Friday: Boosts all stats.
  • X: Attacks one ally with a 10% chance of knocking them out after 5 turns.
  • Wait: Puts an ally to sleep.
  • WRONG: Stuns an ally.
  • Howzit Rap: Attacks and poisons all allies.
  • Coupon: Recover 25% of HP.
  • Photoshop: Blinds all allies, preventing regular attacks from being used.
  • After Effects: Creates copies of himself. You have to hit the right one for the others to disappear!
  • Ninja Kick: Attacks and stuns an ally with recoil damage.
  • Illustrator: Throws a panda at an ally and pulls them out of the field through the pen tool. Ally returns 2 turns later after taking more damage.
  • GarageBand: Blasts a soundwave that deals damage and has a 10% chance of stunning allies.
  • No Laptops: Disables an ally's ability to use skills, items or Summons.
  • Howzit Dance: Attacks and confuses an ally, preventing them from using skills, items, or Summons and making them attack other allies.

Quotes Edit

  • "Howzit, today I'm going to teach you... HOW YOU END!"
  • "Did you just say "wait"? X YOURSELF!"
  • "I'm going to give you a coupon... TO DETENTION!"
  • "Quiz question: Who's going to be the winner of this battle?"
    • Human: "Umm... us?"
    • "WRONG!!"
  • *checks watch* "Oh hey, it's Friday!"
    • Star: "I swear, if he starts going Rebecca Black on us..."
    • "I have something even better! IT'S ALOHA FRIDAY, NO WORK 'TILL MONDAY~~"
    • Sky: "IT BURNS!!"
  • (after losing) "Well, that's it for today's class... until then, HOWZIT!" *blows up*
  • (during Final Boss Rush) "YO YO YO, HOWZIT!!"

Character Reactions Edit

Club Penguin Fanon Edit

  • Star: "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
  • Explorer: "Okay, who approved this boss battle?"
    • Heil: "I did! If you lose I'll let you have a coupon."
  • Richperson: "Are you kidding me?"
    • Heil: "Hey! No laptops in my class! Only iMacs!"

Star Productions Edit

  • Human: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I GET IT! It's that terrible teacher that one of the authors had in high school!"
    • Heil: "Did you just insult me? X YOURSELF!"
  • Person: "Just... what is this?"
    • Heil: "It's Aloha Friday, that's what!"
  • Crazy Man: "Wait, what?"
    • Heil: "Did you just say 'wait'? I WAIT FOR NO ONE!!! NOW X YOURSELF!"

Kirby Edit

  • Kirby: "Poyo, po poyo, yo?"
    • Heil: "Are you talking in a different language?! X YOURSELF!"
  • Meta Knight: "Hmph... I do not consider you a worthy opponent..."
    • Heil: "Are you underestimating me? X YOURSELF!"
  • King Dedede:"I need a monsta to clobba dad dere- wait, who are you?"
    • Heil: "Are you speaking in an accent? X YOURSELF!"

Hello Hero Edit

  • Harold: "What...? Is this a normal civilian?"
  • Ophelia: "Uhh... hello? Is the next boss here?"
    • Heil: "Well if you come to my class, I'M THE BOSS!"
  • Aaron: "This wasn't in our records..."
    • Heil: "You didn't save? X YOURSELF!"

Minecraft Edit

  • Sky: "Ah great, is this gonna be another one of those idiot battles?"
    • Heil: "Well, I don't consider myself an idiot... either way IT'S HOWZIT TIME!"
  • ULSK12: "Civilian, do not interfere. We are here to exterminate a dangerous enemy."
    • Heil: "You just interrupted my super-important lesson on how to save files on Photoshop! I'LL HAVE TO X YOU MYSELF!"
  • V2: "Are we in the right place?"
    • Marie: "It's eerie, Victor-san."
    • Heil: "Are you two characters in one?! X YOURSELF- actually only the blocky guy because I'm feminist."

Tiny Defense Edit

  • Leonid: "Were the coordinates set correctly? I'm not sure this is where we were supposed to arrive."
    • Heil: "You screwed up your coordinates?! You get an X-err, F!"
    • Mr. Crocker: "Um, that's kind of my thing."
  • Luke: "My tracker brought us here, but now I'm starting to doubt it."
    • Heil: "You failed something with technology? X YOURSELF!"
  • Simon: "Alright, everyone in the room put your hands up or I shoot!"
    • Heil: "Are you threatening people?! X YOURSELF!"

SpongeBob Edit

  • SpongeBob: "Oops, sorry. I think I walked into the wrong door about five rooms ago."
    • Heil: "Oh, you're that one guy who sells bread, right?"
  • Patrick: "Hi, I'd like a Krabby Patty, extra ketchup, hold the mayo."
    • Heil: "Are you ordering food in the middle of class?! X YOURSELF!"
  • Squidward: *sigh* "And so another idiot enters..."
    • Heil: "Where's the idiot? Let me find him so I can give him an X."
    • Squidward: "Case in point."

Cartoon Wars Edit

  • Captain J: "Stand down. I've killed things twenty times as obnoxious as you."
    • Heil: "Are you holding guns in class?! X YOURSELF!"
  • Lu: "I refuse to waste time here."
    • Heil: "Then I'll get straight to the point: X YOURSELF!"
  • Chaos: "Haha, you gotta be kiddin' me. Hey buddy, you just blow in from stupid town?"
    • Heil: "No, I'm Hawaiian! Now X YOURSELF!"
  • more coming soon

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