You know, I could totally beat you right now- nuts, I'm out of keys!
— Knight Seven to Harold

Knight Seven is an incompetent yet self-confident knight created in the Anti-Multiverse. Neither he nor Princess Mako were even meant to exist, but both were created as a side-effect of the creation of the Anti-Multiverse. At no point do he or Mako ever become useful, but somehow they've managed to survive every Multiverse Collision since their debut.

Appearance Edit

Seven is a standard knight, wearing ironclad armor and a helmet. He wields a broadsword and heater shield.

In Multiverse Collision 12, Seven's armor has been modified to resemble dragon scales, as well as an overall dragon motif. He now wields a longsword and a kite shield, and his helmet has been removed entirely.

Bio Edit

coming soon

In the games Edit

Both Seven and Mako have the distinction of being a boss fought in every Multiverse Collision in the Anti-Multiverse arc excluding MC8. However, in almost all of them, they are one of, if not the, easiest bosses in the game. The reasoning for this includes both their atrocious stats, and the fact that they need to recharge after a certain number of attacks. In Seven's case, each of his attacks uses up one "key", and if he uses them all he has to use Recharge to get them back. During his debut in MC9, he has five keys; the key count goes up by two in every new appearance.

In MC12, the difficulty is stepped up a bit as both Seven and Mako have been upgraded and Swordmaiden Yui is fighting alone, but it gets a lot easier once Keiasu shows up.

Abilities Edit

  • Recover: Recovers a set amount of health based on how much health is remaining. (More is restored if less HP remains)
  • Rapidstrike: Rapidly attacks the target. In MC11, it has a 50% chance of stunning the target.
  • Balance & Shield: Raises defense.
  • Recharge: Refills key count.
  • Wings of Revenge: MC12 exclusive. Deals extreme damage while healing himself and Mako at the same time. Key count is recharged.
  • more coming soon

Trivia Edit

  • In case you haven't noticed, Knight Seven is a parody of the Hello Hero ripoff KakaoTalk game Seven Knights.

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