Human Denton is a stickman living in the planet of Styckworld, which is located in the Star Productions Universe. He has been created on The Paper, and, having been created by The Authors themselves, has near-complete knowledge of the Fourth Wall, however, he is too stupid to actually utilize this ability. He, along with Star Kirby12 and Kirby, is one of the few Gateway Supervisors in the Multiverse.

Pre-Multiverse Collision BioEdit

Human was born from The Paper at an unknown date. He became a high school janitor, but all of this changed when he first discovered the Magic Pencil. To find the pencil, Mr. Bones dispatched the entire army of Bones to destroy everything to find the Magic Pencil. Human, along with Person Aldesen, made themselves the Hands Up gun and Power Knife sword, and defeated all the Bones.

Human later on discovered the Multiverse and Universal Gateway. He then visited the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, and made friends with penguins such as Star Kirby12.

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