Every universe in existence shall fall into my clutches, and I shall become the most powerful being of all! Even the creators shall bow before my glory!
— Doom Knight

Doom Knight is the ultimate antagonist of the Multiverse Collision series. After creating evil in the Hero Factory universe, he was initially destroyed by the combined effort of all the universe's protagonists, but was brought back to power by Nexer6472.

Background Edit

Pre-Multiverse Collision Edit

Doom Knight was never meant to exist- he was a mistake on our part. However, having been created in the Hero Factory universe, we sorta just built on the design and made him the source of all evil. In-universe, however, there is no particular explanation for him.

Ultimately, three years before the first Multiverse Collision, he attempted to destroy the Hero Factory universe with undeniable power and a huge army, but fell to the teamwork of millions of Heroes. However, as one of the blatantly noticeable cliches in the Multiverse world, Doom Knight's soul survived and began to roam the Universal Gateway.

Multiverse Collision 5: Showdown on Antarctica Grounds Edit

Doom Knight's soul was discovered by Nexer6472, and the former persuaded him into reviving his entire army. Convinced that he would be able to rule the Multiverse, Nexer used the army to create the Darkness Generator to surround the Multiverse into darkness... only for Doom Knight to pull another cliche and possess Nexer, giving him enough power to shut down the Universal Gateway and trap the protagonists in the Gateway.

Conveniently enough, he set up the Darkness Generator to maximum power in the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, where he fought against the protagonists again before being obliterated a second time.

Multiverse Collision 6: Doom Knight's Armor Edit

Although he didn't directly appear in this episode, Doom Knight still played a major role as his shattered pieces of armor were flying around everywhere possessing protagonists recently added to the Gateway through the P-Wing.

Multiverse Collision 7: End of the Multiverse Edit

At the very end of the episode, the negative energy of the CyberVoid manages to revive Doom Knight.

Multiverse Collision 8: Rise of the Anti-Multiverse Edit

Once he was revived, Doom Knight manipulated CyberVoid energy to turn the First Multiverse into the Anti-Multiverse, somehow destroying four universes in the process. He then began to slowly collect power, while summoning Lockdown into the Anti-Multiverse to hunt down anyone in the area (said Lockdown was later destroyed).

Multiverse Collision 9: The Rivalry Continues Edit

After gaining enough information about the Anti-Multiverse, the protagonists launch an offensive to reclaim/destroy it. In retaliation, Doom Knight, while still in "hibernation", reincarnates his army into warriors of (literally) fire, and draws in even more antagonists from the extinct universes before summoning Devastator.

Multiverse Collision 10: Return to the Castle Edit

Doom Knight, believing he had collected enough power, assaults the protagonists and proves to be much stronger than before before getting absolutely creamed by Star Kirby12's EXXX form. He still summons various extinct antagonists before taking control of the Heart of Gold.

Multiverse Collision 11: Maximum Power Edit

The episode reveals that Belial had broken into the Castle of Darkness and had absorbed a large quantity of Doom Knight's darkness. This is the only time he is mentioned and he does not appear during the rest of the episode.

Multiverse Collision 12: The Last Stand Edit

To speed up his "hibernation", Doom Knight uses small quantities of the energy he has left to destroy outer universes, including Wikia, while using the energy he gets from them to strengthen himself. Once that's done, he recreates the Anti-Multiverse into the Labyrinth, his own maze filled with villains.

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In the games Edit

As the final boss of both MC5 and MC12, Doom Knight is one of the strongest opponents in the franchise. It is often advised to enter the battle with all characters entering the battle at the maximum level cap of the game. He also makes an appearance in MC10, however as the final boss role is relegated to the Heart of Gold, he is less challenging.

MC5 Edit

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MC10 Edit

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MC12 Edit

As the ultimate final boss of the entire franchise's canon, Doom Knight's soul form clocks in at maximum for every single stat. He also reflects Summon abilities, knocking back offensive Summons and absorbing buffs from status Summons. Once that is done, he will delete the Summon and it will be unusable for ten turns. This also applies to any personal summons, other than Summon (Minecraft).

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