DaiBouken Robo SGS BK-5050, often shortened down to DaiBouken, is a mecha developed in the Club Penguin Fanon universe, and currently ranks as the leader of the Hero Mechas.

Biography Edit

Pre-Multiverse Collision Edit

DaiBouken was derived from a previous project called the Maximum Suit. The suit eventually became so large with all its armor that it was eventually just made into a giant robot with AI developed properly from the Tobot Prototypes. As the strongest giant robot on the side of good, he cut down opponents with amazing efficiency. At one point, he faced off against VrilBouken, his own Mirror World counterpart.

Multiverse Collision Saga Edit

Although not extremely involved in the plot, DaiBouken proved to be an indispensable force in battle, especially against large hordes of enemies such as the Raptor Bots or Sphere Doomers.

Combat Edit

DaiBouken specializes in hack-and-slash combat, dodging enemy fire to get close enough for physical attacks. When equipped with another GoGo Vehicle, he fires projectile attacks while still performing evasive maneuvers.

In the games Edit

DaiBouken is the first robot available in-game, with all-around stats. Although using different robots for different situations is a good idea, constantly spamming DaiBouken can be helpful as he has no weaknesses to exploit.

DaiBouken is able to transform into DaiVoyager from MC4 onwards, greatly increasing power and defense at the cost of speed. As the strongest single-mecha robot in the game (until MC10, which added Hyper Titan and Multiverse Full Power Robo), he is a very useful asset.

Specials Edit

  • Adventure Drive (P): Attack with a buffed up slash attack.
  • GoGo Armaments (B): Equip another GoGo Vehicle.
  • Maximum Penetration (P): Rush through with a drill attack. Requires the Drill Armament.
  • Shovel Knuckle (P): Attack with rapid punches, each with their own critical hit percentage rate. Requires the Shovel Armament.
  • Rising Penetration (P, B): Throw the opponent in the air and pierce them with a drill, raising your attack strength. Requires the Drill and Shovel Armaments.
  • Wall Shoot (Ra, E): Spray concrete at the opponent, causing the Stop effect. Requires the Mixer Armament.
  • Bind Break (Ra, P, Re): Spray concrete, then pierce the opponent with a drill, absorbing health. Requires the Drill and Mixer Armaments.
  • Wire Hook Punch (Ra): Shoot a hook to pierce the opponent. Requires the Crane Armament.
  • Wrist-Up Strike (Ra, P, E): Catch and raise the opponent with the hook and attack with the drill, causing the Stun effect. Requires the Drill and Crane Armaments.
  • Energy Buff (Re): Heal your HP.
  • X-Clash (P, E, Re, B): Slice with a cross slash, causing the Freeze effect while absorbing HP and buffing up the attack stat.

Specials (DaiVoyager) Edit

  • coming soon

Combinations Edit

  • Super DaiBouken: Combination with GoGo Drill, Shovel, Mixer and Crane. Forms the torso, legs, backpack and head.
  • Ultimate DaiBouken: Combination with DaiTanken. Forms the torso, legs, lower chestplate and head.
  • Tankout DaiBouken: Combination with EPT. Forms the inner torso, legs, and arms.
  • Slasher DaiBouken: Combination with Sentinel. Forms the arms, body, and inner chestplate.
  • Wild DaiBouken: Combination with Ultra Leon. Forms the chestplate, backpack, leg armor, and guns.
  • Trinity DaiBouken: Combination with Generation II Tritan. Forms the body and head.
  • End Game DaiBouken: Combination with DaiTanken, EPT, Sentinel, Ultra Leon and Generation II Tritan. Forms the lower torso, legs and shoulder pads.
  • Ultimate Starcutter
  • Jet DaiBouken: Combination with the High Power Super Attacker. Forms the main body.
  • Galaxy Voyager: Combination with SirenBuilder, EPT, Sentinel, Ultra Leon, Generation II Tritan, EX and W, with all components in Super form. Forms the legs, waist joint, middle back armor, and most of the headpiece.
  • Ultimate Challenger
  • Hyper DaiBouken: Combination with Hyper Titan, GoGo Mixer and GoGo Crane. Forms the torso, legs, and head.

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