The Multiverse Collision game series has a rather basic battle system, with elements reminiscent of Final Fantasy and the Mario & Luigi series. It follows a mostly RPG format.

Ground Battles Edit

In ground battles, multiple characters team up to fight an enemy. In a similar vein to most RPG games, a certain character will attack first based on the SPD stat.

Attack Edit

All characters have a standard, weak attack that can be used at no cost. The attack will be either physical or ranged depending on the character.

Special Edit

Opens up a special move menu. Special moves cost Multiverse Points (MP) to use. There are seven types of specials:

  • Physical specials deal physical damage.
  • Ranged specials fire projectile attacks, allowing damage to aerial or hazardous opponents.
  • Stage specials damage multiple opponents.
  • Effect specials cause status effects or cause a certain type of elemental damage.
  • Recover specials restore HP, revive allies or cure status effects.
  • Buff specials increase stats or cause positive status effects.
  • Info is a special given to all characters. It costs 5 MP to use, sacrificing a turn to check the selected opponent's stats, HP and weaknesses, like the Examine skill in Bravely Default.

Different specials may have multiple types, with the exception of Info. They may also have two additional features:

  • Team specials are done with an ally. Some are specific while others only require another ally to be alive.
  • Timed specials can be stronger or weaker based on timing.

Item Edit

Opens up an item menu. Disposable items will disappear upon use, while Special items can be used again but at the cost of MP.

  • Recover items restore HP, revive allies or cure status effects.
  • Offensive items deal damage to targets or cause status effects. Some remove buffs from opponents.
  • Buff items increase stats.
  • Gamble items have different effects chosen randomly.

Switch Edit

If the current member is not the last to make his/her move, Switch swaps turns with the next ally, making said ally attack instead. This can be useful in working out strategies.

Summon Edit

Introduced in Multiverse Collision 10, Summon is a new ability that allows you to summon one of 17 outer-universe characters at the cost of MP. It is different from character-exclusive summons, such as Kirby's Elline and V2's Marie.

Giant Battles Edit

In giant battles, a single giant robot is selected to battle giants. It retains the turn-based system.

Attack Edit

Attacks with a physical attack; generally stronger by ratio in comparison to ground battles.

Special Edit

Specials are limited in giant battles, narrowing down to Physical, Ranged, Recover and Info.

Item Edit

Items are also narrowed down, leaving nothing but Recover items. Said Recover items are specialized for giant battles and are not interchangeable with ground battle Recover items.

Summon Edit

Although summoning is the same as ground battles, the summoned character performs a different ability (excluding Kamen Riders), with some providing the unavailable Stage, Effect, and Buff specials.

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